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Rachel joined our team last spring and we are SO glad that she did! Her smile brightens up the shop and helps everyone feel at home.

I knew y’all would want to get to know her, so I asked her some questions and she graciously offered up her answers so we could all get a peek inside her life! Waltz on over to the shop and say hi – she’d love to get to know you, too!

rachel blogWhat is your favorite form of needlework?

Crochet! My mom taught me when I was little and I still enjoy learning new stiches
and techniques to add to my repertoire. I also love to sew (I’m a costume design major at UA).

What is your favorite thing you’ve ever made?

Tough choice! One of my favorite projects I made was a hand woven pouch with red and orange yarns. My dad made the loom I used and I spun the weft yarns on a drop spindle. I think it is my favorite project because it
required several different skills and it turned out to be really useful!

What do you like best about working at Serendipity?

It may seem cliché but I really do love the people at Serendipity. I have been so welcomed and inspired by the management and customers alike. I can hardly wait to get to work each day and see who I will meet and what I will discover. The shop is also beautiful, comforting, and homey. It constantly inspires me and I know it does that for others as well.

What is your “secret” skill – that skill you have that you don’t have the ability to show off at work?

Ballroom dancing! I have taken lessons for several years and had the opportunity to compete in waltz this past semester. Dancing is my favorite way of meeting new people and is also a great form of exercise!

September 09, 2015 by Yarn Shop Girl

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