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boyfriend watch cap project@2x

“Borrow it back. If you can.”

boyfriend watch cap project collageKnit this cozy, deeply cuffed cap for him. It’s handsome worn turned up for a traditional sailor style, but we love it uncuffed and slouchy, too. Worked in a heavy worsted-weight yarn, this cap is a quick knit, which is great because you’re bound to be asked for more.

The ribbed cuff is nice and deep so you can fold it a long way up without the wrong side of the stockinette stitch crown showing. The three-part top decreases add a crisp detail. Juniper Moon Farms’ Sabine, with its rustic good looks and blend of cotton, royal llama, and merino wool, knits up into a warm, cozy cap that drapes beautifully and wears well. Style and yarn combine into the perfect accessory for him or her! Bet you won’t make just one!

October 28, 2015 by Yarn Shop Girl

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