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When you pick up your knitting needles, you might not be thinking, “Now I begin my mindfulness practice.” But, it turns out the rhythmic movements of knitting have some of the very same benefits as a meditation practice. I’m pretty sure we all knew it was a soothing ritual, but Dr. Herbert Benson, a mind-body medicine pioneer and author of The Relaxation Response, says that the repetitive movement of needlework can encourage a relaxed mind/body state just like you get from meditation – but you get the bonus of beautiful handiwork to keep or to give! Turns out, knitting can lower heart rate and blood pressure, reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol, ease anxiety and depression, and improve an overall sense of well-being.

We’re all for self-care and well-being here at Serendipity, and we’ve the perfect project for meditative knitting. This Colorblock Scarf, knitted with mohair yarn that just begs to be touched, is soft, gorgeous, and a soothing respite from the stress of an overbooked life! Stop by the shop and pick out colors that soothe your soul along with the Colorblock pattern – it just might change your life (or at least your blood pressure).

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February 03, 2016 by Yarn Shop Girl

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