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We are absolutely delighted to be hosting the amazing Ann Weaver for a weekend of fun workshops April 29-30! We’ll be kicking off the workshop weekend with Color Theory and Log Cabin Knitting: The Albers Cowl, on Friday, April 29, from 9a-12p.

ann weaver albers cowl@2xUsing her treasure trove of swatches as well as yarn from the store, Ann will teach us about color theory, including lightness, saturation, hue, and complimentary colors. To help us choose future color combinations, each participant will receive a personal color wheel.

After we’ve explored the different interactions of color, Ann will guide us through how to knit her Albers Cowl using Log Cabin knitting techniques, like picking up and knitting stitches. This project is perfect for experimenting with what you’ve learned about color in the workshop, as it uses small portions of yarn and simple techniques.

You’ll learn how to measure gauge in garter stitch, neatly pick up stitches from both horizontal and vertical edges, and how to keep it all really square. If time allows, Ann will show us the sewn bind-off and mattress stitch.

Skills needed: Casting on and knitting garter stitch; experience knitting with fingering-weight yarn on small needles

Materials needed:
• Craft Work Knit, or the individual pattern for the Albers Cowl (available at the shop)
• US Size 2 straight or circular needles (any length).
• Fingering weight yarn for the first square (at least two colors)
• In preparation, knitters should have the center square of one of the cowl blocks completed.




March 02, 2016 by Yarn Shop Girl

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