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weaverknitsYou’re thinking of signing up for the Ann Weaver workshops April 29-30, but you just aren’t sure what you’ll do with the skills you learn. It’s ok! I’ve been there. So I’m going to tell you – and show you! – what you’ll gain and what you’ll be able to do after the workshop!

In the Albers Cowl and Color Theory workshop, you’re going to gain new appreciation for how colors work together – and how they don’t! You’ll learn new ways of combining color to bring out their beauty, and once you have a new understanding of color and the skills to apply it in your knitting, your projects will take on a whole new dimension!

This is the perfect skill to apply to fingerless gloves, cowls, shawls – you know – ALL the projects you love to make as gifts? Application of  color theory takes them from thoughtful (which they are, of course) to being works of art.

astrid albertAnd speaking of gifting, don’t you declare EVERY year that you’ll start your projects earlier this year, and then, all of a sudden, it’s November? “Ah, next year,” you think. Well, this workshop is the PERFECT opportunity to jumpstart your gift-making, and to do it with color combinations that must be seen to be believed!


March 29, 2016 by Yarn Shop Girl

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